Centered around a Euphonix System 5 console with EuCon software allowing for DAW control, Studio B is MSR’s digital mixing/tracking room.  The System 5’s ability to handle high track counts on a small footprint make Studio B a great room for film score and Broadway cast album mixes and the 800 square foot live room, which features a Yamaha C7 piano, can comfortably accommodate any small tracking session. Click here for a printable floorplan with dimensions.


Euphonix System 5 Console
w/ EuCon Control

128i/o Pro Tools HD5 Accel rig
Studer A827 24 Track 2″ Analog Machine*
Sony 3348 HR 48-Track DASH Machine*

(2) Genelec 1034 Main Monitors
(2) Genelec 1031 Midfield Monitors
(2) Yamaha NS-10 Nearfield Monitors


Lavry 4496 DA/AD Converters
Aardvark AES DA
Aardvark Sync DA
Rosendahl NanoSync

*Rental, Available Upon Request



(1) DBX 160SL
(1)DBX 165
(2) DBX 902
(1) Tube-tech LCA2B
(1) Teletronix LA2A


(1) Lexicon 960L
(1) Eventide H4000
(1) TC 6000 Reverb

EQ/Mic Pres

(8) Neve 1081 Modules
(2) Vintech X73 Mic Pre / EQ
(1) Focusrite Red1
(1) Avalon AD2055


Waves Platinum V. 9
Waves SSL Bundle V. 9
Audio Ease Altiverb V. 7
Autotune 5
Autotune Evo (available as floating iLok)
Melodyne 4 Studio
Slate Digital FG-X Virtual Mastering Compressor
Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection
Slate Virtual Mix Rack
McDSP Compressor Bank
McDSP Filter Bank
McDSP MC2000
Izotrope RX3
Soundtoys V.5
Avid Plug-ins