Although we occupy three buildings and four floors with over 14,000 square feet- it’s not just the size
of our facility that makes us massive, but our history too.

It all dates back to 2005 when David Amlen (owner of Sound on Sound) and the late Simon Andrews (owner of Right Track Recording) decided to merge their studios together after years of independent success. The merger combined the Broadway and film productions that Right Track focused on with both Right Track’s and Sound on Sound’s constant flow of chart topping Billboard albums.

Located at our current address, Right Track/Sound on Sound’s “Studio B” was operated by legendary GRAMMY award winning engineer, Frank Filipetti. “Studio A” was the first studio in America to have an SSL J console!

In 2006, David and Simon decided to change the name of Right Track/Sound on Sound to Legacy Recording Studios. However, this name change was short lived, as David Amlen acquired Legacy in 2009 following the dissolution of the merger and renamed the business MSR Studios. 

In July 0f 216, MSR closed the doors to it’s hallowed West 48th Street facility.  As of now, plans are to reopen in mid 2017.

Stay tuned!